200 ~ 1500VDC input DC/DC converter, designed for PV power system

MORNSUN recently released new 15W and 40W power supply modules, PV15/PV40-29Bxx series, which provide 200-1500VDC input voltage, high isolation voltage of 4000VAC and can significantly be used at high altitudes up to 5000m.

The PV15-29Bxx and PV40-29Bxx-serie are suitable for multiple applications such as:

  • photovoltaic combiner
  • photovoltaic inverter
  • High voltage switch

1. 200~1500VDC ultra-wide input voltage for utility-scale PV system cost reduction

A trend of photovoltaic industry is that 1500VDC system will be in place of nowadays standard 1000VDC system. Higher-voltage systems enable longer strings, which allow for fewer combiner boxes, less wiring and trenching, and therefore less labor. Input voltage from 200VDC to 1500VDC allows longer strings used in the PV system.

2. Suitable for high-altitude applications ( up to 5000 meters )

Most of the PV systems are installed in harsh environments or at high altitude fields. PV15/PV40-29Bxx are designed to meet the application requirement to ensure the systems reliability and safety.

3. Input under-voltage protection ensuring system stability

A PV system converts the sun’s radiation into usable electricity and also powers itself. As the unstable sunlight intensity, voltage to the control system is also various and may lead to system restarts frequently. PV15/PV40-2 9Bxx series are designed with input under-voltage protection which can protect system stability from frequent restart.

PV-combiner box application :


Above is the illustration of PVxx-29B24 used in PV combiner box application:

  1. PVxx-29B24-series get power directly from solar arrays and offers an isolated 24VDC voltage to monitoring circuit.
  2. F0505S-1WR2 offers an isolated 5V voltage to the Hall sensor, ensuring safety isolation between high and low voltage.
  3. B0503XT-2WR2 offers an isolated 3,3V voltage to MCU power supply.
  4. High isolated transceiver module TD501D485H is suggested for communication circuit, which can eliminate electromagnetic interference and the influence of ground loops.

Functions PVxx-29Bxx-serie:

  •  200~1500VDC ultra-wide input voltage
  •  Operating temperature: -40°C~+70°C
  •  Isolation voltage: 4000VAC
  •  High efficiency, low ripple & noise
  •  Meet EN62109 standard
  •  Suitable for high-altitude applications (up to 5000 meters)
  •  Input under-voltage, reverse voltage, output short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage protection

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