3W AC/DC converter special for 3 phase input

Mornsun releases new 3W three-phase four-wire AC/DC converter LS03-16BxxSS and LD03-16Bxx series which meet UL60950/EN60950/FCC part 15 standards. The series offer 90~528VAC wide input range and meet the requirements for 3 × 220 VAC/380 VAC nominal voltage and any two-wire connection from three-phase four-wire system.

They also provide high efficiency up to 76%, 4000VAC isolation and output short-circuit and over-current protections. Moreover, this series of products remain cost effective while offering high reliability and an excellent performance. With SIP and DIP packages available, they are suitable for various applications, especially for space constrained applications like:

  • Three-phase electric meter
  • industrial control
  • instrumentation
  • double power switch controller
  • fire protection system


Mornsun: LD03-10Bxx-R2



Features of the LS- and LD-series:

  • Suitable for any two-wire connection from three-phase four-wire system
  • AC and DC dual-use (input from the same terminal)
  • Input voltage range: 90~528VAC/100~745VDC
  • Operating temperature: -40℃~+85℃
  • Isolation: 4000VAC (SIP)/ 3000VAC (DIP)
  • Efficiency up to 76%
  • Meet UL60950/EN60950/FCC part 15 standards (pending)
  • Output short-circuit and over-current protections

Application of Smart Meters

Description :

Smart meters are big news. The overall smart meters penetration rate for global market is expected to reach 61% by 2026.

With the energy supplies demanding more advanced communication interfaces, large memory and more powerful microprocessors, it requires wider/ higher operation voltages (up to 500 VAC ) and lower power consumption of power supply designs.

What else? The size limit and magnetic immunity are also driving the demand for more innovative power supplies designs—-compact size and EMC protection.

Considering all the demands, MORNSUN releases new product LS03-16BxxSS/LD03-16Bxx series, offering an ultra-wide input voltage range of 90~528VAC, covering requirements of  3×220VAC/380VAC/480VAC nominal voltage. They also provide high efficiency up to 76%, 4000VAC isolation and output short-circuit and over-current protections.

Diagram of the application:

Schematische voorstelling slimme meter:
  1. LS03-16BxxSS can get AC input directly from any phase voltage or line voltage and convert to an isolated DC power.
  2. High isolated transceiver module TD501D485H can also be selected as a package serial communication, which has integrated DC-DC isolation, RS485 and save your precious engineering time.

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