5W AC/DC-converters with ultra-wide input voltage 

MORNSUN recently introduced 5W ultra-wide input voltage SIP AC/DC Converters LS05-26BxxSS (-F) series after the launch of the 3W LS03-16BxxSS series (SIP) and LD03-16Bxx series (DIP). This series has a wide input voltage range of 90-528VAC, and meet the power requirement of supporting any two-wire connection in nominal voltage 380/220VAC of three-phase four-wire.

The design of LS05-26BxxSS(-F) series meet the UL62368/ EN62368 (pending)/IEC62368 standards, and input to output isolation voltage is as high as 4000 VAC. They provide output short-circuit protection and over-current protection, featuring higher reliability than discrete power supply solutions.

In addition, small board space and high integration levels are required for extremely space-constrained systems. The unique SIP package design is particularly suitable for these small-size applications, and customers can use a different peripheral circuit to meet different requirements.

5W AC DC converter
5W AC DC converter

Applications for the LS05-26Bxx converter:

Ammeter, dual-power switch controllers, fire protection for energy system and others.

Features :

  • Ultra-wide input voltage range: 90 – 528VAC/100 – 745VDC
  • AC and DC dual-use (input from the same terminal), suitable for any two-wire connection from the three-phase four-wire system
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
  • Compact size, high power density
  • Isolation voltage: 4000VAC
  • Used in such as electrical, instrumentation industries
  • Output short circuit protection, over-current protection
  • Meets UL62368/ EN62368/IEC62368 standards

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