The right power supply for every application

Elipse is active in various industries: from mechanical engineering and logistics automation to hospitals, railway and airports. Our customers are both large multinationals and smaller SMEs.


No project is too big or too small for us and together we will successfully complete your project. Let us know what your application is or in which sector you are active. Together we look for the right solution.

Machine building

The electronic products used by machine builders must be small, efficient and reliable. We always take these requirements into account when looking for the right solution

Industrial automation

Industrial automation and Industry 4.0 go hand in hand. They strive to make the processes run smarter and more efficiently. Together with our manufacturers, we ensure that our product portfolio also evolves with this trend.

Aviation & Military

In military applications and aviation applications, reliability and availability under extreme conditions are an absolute priority. Our specialized range for these purposes meets all common MIL standards.

Railway & transport

In the world of public transport, it is a must to have the vehicles constantly available and that they arrive at their destination on time. Safety, reliability and energy efficiency are important pillars in this.

Panel building

Panel building projects are coming under increasing pressure. Their customers have increasingly strict requirements, making cost savings and faster delivery times increasingly important. Together we can provide solutions for this.

E-mobility and battery charging technology

There is a growing demand for batteries in various industries. Together we look for the most compact, reliable and efficient solution for your application.

Medical electronics

Medical products must always be tested for different standards. It is not a simple procedure, but one that our products can help with.

Marine & offshore

Marine & offshore projects face very extreme environmental conditions. Products used in this environment must be 100% resistant to this.

Energy & Environment

The use of electrical energy is increasing, and so is renewable energy. This must be generated more efficiently and sustainably. We offer various solutions for this.

Is your industry not listed? We’re sure we can help you.