Extra services

We go a step further

With our extra services we can meet our customers requirements even better. These services mainly consist of customer-specific solutions such as adjustments, cleaning and customized packaging.


Wondering if we can also help with a service that is not described below? Then contact us and we will be happy to explore the options together.

Audits & Field Acceptance Tests

Elipse only works with large niche manufacturers, specialized in their own field. This ranges from power supplies in a specific construction form, converters with specific inspections to integrated solutions and customized power supplies. We are not shy from any challenge and are happy to respond to Audits and FAT.

Custom solutions and customization

Looking for a power supply with a specific design, exotic output voltage or are you unable to find a solution in the market? Then contact our engineers. Since the founding of Elipse in 1986, custom solutions have been one of our core competencies. In addition to "modified standards", we also offer power supplies that are fully customized for the customer. For this, we work together with a number of specialized niche manufacturers who have the production lines in addition to R&D. Together with the R&D team of our partners, our engineers go to work to realize your dream food!

Visit from our engineers

We have a team of engineers available for every technical challenge in the field of power supplies, inverters or protection. We are happy to come and discuss your power supply issue on the spot in order to find the ideal solution together!

Stock & Supply Chain Management

In our 1000 m2 warehouse we keep the most common power supplies in stock. All PULS power supplies can be delivered directly from our warehouse in Schoten. We like to work out specific inventory management together with the customer. This way we not only guarantee the best prices but also deliver when it suits our customer best. We deliver Just In Time!

Grade 4 cleaning and clean room packaging

A necessary requirement within the semiconductor industry is that there is no contamination on the products. The smallest traces of dust particles can influence vision systems or lasers and lead to deviations, production disruptions and therefore additional costs. In our Clean Room, we ensure that the power supplies are meticulously cleaned and repackaged according to the usual ISO standards. In this way, we ensure that our Semicon customers receive  Plug & Play power supplies.

Custom documentation

If you have any specific desires concerning the documentation, we can help you to adjust it. E.g. translation to Dutch or English or adding your specific product number in the datasheet or instruction manual.

Connecting connectors and cable sets

Fitting cables to sockets is a time-consuming job. We can arrange the assembly of cable and socket for you.

Front plate mounting

A number of products for 19 ”racks can be supplied with a front plate. Elipse can mount the front plate before shipment. The supplied power supply can be plugged directly into the 19 ”rack

Adjust settings

Some applications require a specific output voltage, for example for charging batteries or under a certain load. The precise adjustment of this voltage can be done in our lab. We can also change the factory default settings such as setting jumpers and switches or changing software settings.


We can adjust the packaging of our products to the specific needs of our customers. Smaller quantities of packaging, customer-specific trays, individual packaging and wrapping are possible.


A customized label, logo, barcode or QR code? Extra information on food and packaging? No problem! We look forward to seeing the options with you.

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