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Electronic power supplies are the heart of the machine. Together we can ensure that the heart in your machine stays in top condition.

Heat dissipation PULS power supply

Everything revolves around the “Cool Design” concept

The “Cool Design” concept emphasizes the low heat production and can greatly increase the lifetime of an electronic power supply. It is based on 3 basic principles:

1. High efficiency

2. Optimal heat dissipation

3. The Well-considered layout of temperature-sensitive components such as electrolytic
4. capacities

Optimal reliability (MTBF) through well-considered design

Thanks to the sophisticated electronic and thermal design and by limiting the number of components inside – in particular, electrolytic capacities – the power supply lasts much longer.

We, therefore, guarantee not only the longest life expectancy but also the highest reliability (MTBF) and therefore the lowest failure rate.

betrouwbaarheid (MTBF) van onze PULS producten
PULS CP10 voeding vergeleken met andere merken

Our power supplies are more efficient 

Efficiency is one of the most important parameters in the selection of a power supply. After all, higher efficiency means fewer heat losses to the environment and therefore results in lower costs for energy and cabinet cooling, among other things. On the other hand, efficiency also has a positive impact on the lifetime and reliability of both the components in and around the electronic power supply.

A robust power supply brings peace and security

A solid power supply is essential for an application to work properly for long periods under severe circumstances. The robustness relates to both the mechanical stress that the power supply has to endure and the immunity to external disturbances.


Switching power supplies must be resistant to mechanical stress caused by vibrations and shocks. Already during the design of the PSU, this is taken into account by a well-considered construction and fixation of components where necessary. A sturdy housing and suitable connection terminals also ensure that the power supply can take a beating and that the cabling remains firmly attached.


Power Supplies also have to deal with EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) near the power supply. These are external interferences due to, for example, other components and equipment. This can be caused by radiation or via electrical conductors (cabling). High immunity against these malfunctions ensures the correct functioning of the power supply regardless of the circumstances and location in which the power supply operates.

heartbeat of an electronic power supply
Compact power supply

Most compact power supplies in the market

The “Cool Design” concept means that no internal heat sinks are required for extra heat emission. This saves both on space and weight.


Compact and light are two important criteria for modern power supplies. Small dimensions provide a direct advantage in the dimensioning of the cabinets in which the power supply will be. Moreover, the more compact the power supply, the easier it is to integrate into machines.

Ease of use

Easy to use, both when ordering and during installation, is an important selection parameter. That is why we try to ensure that our products are easy to order and to use by taking the following into account:


Webshop: Our extensive webshop helps you to order your goods quickly online.


Easy-to-install: thanks to the extensive datasheets, installation is a piece of cake.


Efficiency: Our products are designed to do exactly what they are intended for, or even more.


Just-in-time delivery: Thanks to our extensive warehouse, we can immediately deliver most goods from stock.


Aftercare: We are happy to stay in touch after delivery to see if everything goes as planned.

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