Electronic fuse and protection

Electronic protection modules are often used in combination with power supplies to protect the secondary side. The most reliable way of securing the DC side is by using electronic protection. They offer you the possibility to monitor and set all fuses both in the cabinet and remotely. Some major advantages of the electronic protection are the easy assembly on DIN-rails, the slim dimensions and the most reliable shutdown. In our product range, we have modular protection modules that can be connected and disconnected by means of a blue lever at the top of the module. An expansion of the protection units can therefore be realised very easily. The additional costs and installation time of additional busbars are eliminated with these super compact electronic protection modules.

We only work together with renowned niche manufacturers, but what does this mean? Niche manufacturers are specialised in one particular product or sector. At Elipse, we bring all these niche products together. This gives us the opportunity to put forward the most suitable electronic fuses for each sector, tailored to your application.


For over 30 years, Elipse has been the preferred supplier of electrical fuses for systems and applications where reliability and continuity are paramount. Our electronic protection modules are state-of-the-art due to their compact size, reliability, ease of use and long life.


Whether it is a standard fuse or an customised electronic protection module, we always guarantee our customers the best solution. We let our customers experience this with test samples and expert advice. We support our state-of-the-art protection modules with the necessary facts and figures. During the design-in process, we work together with you, both in the development phase of new systems or applications as well as for the upgrade of an existing machine to the next generation.