E-mobility and battery charging technology

There is a growing demand for batteries in various sectors. Together we search for the most compact, most reliable and efficient solution for your application.

The means of transport of the future

E-mobility is growing enormously today. Electric bicycles, electrically powered cars and electric steps have become part of our daily street scene. But in the meantime, it goes much further than that: robot lawn mowers, hoverboards, drones and much more, take their place in our daily lives today.

All these vehicles and devices need a charging station. A compact, efficient and reliable solution is crucial for this.

This can go from both standard and customized products. Together with our partners, we look for a specific and suitable solution for your application.


Elipse offers

oplaadpaal voor elektrische auto
  • Energy efficient solutions
  • Knowledge in the industry
  • Solutions specifically for charging technology
  • Manufacturers who think along with you
  • In-house electronics engineers
  • A guaranteed good service