Medical electronics

Medical products must always be tested for different standards. This procedure is not easy but one that our products can help with.

Products performed with the correct approvals

In the medical sector, equipment must meet a number of very strict criteria. A short malfunction can jeopardize a diagnosis or treatment and therefore seriously damage the health of the patient. This is something that should, of course, be avoided.


For example, medical supplies must have lower leakage currents and medical devices that patients come into contact with must therefore also comply with the medical standard EN 60601-1. Elipse has specific products for this in their range that are approved for use in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.


Elipse offers

medisch goedgekeurde elektronische voedingen
  • Product lines specific to the medical sector
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Medical approvals according to EN 60601-1-2 Ed. 4
  • Knowledge of the sector
  • Medical specialist in the Elipse team
  • Fast response and feedback

PULS medical DIN-rail PSU

PULS is the first manufacturer to market a DIN rail power supply that fully complies with the latest medical standards (EN 60601-1-2, 4th Edition).


The CP10.241-M1 has extremely high efficiency of up to 95.2%. With its width of 39 mm, this power supply is ultra-compact on the DIN rail and also has a very long lifetime of almost 14 years (with continuous full load). The unit provides maximum protection for patients and users (2x MOPP and 2x MOOP) and also works completely silently due to its fanless design. They are perfectly suitable for use in your application.

medical electronics

New 1W en 2W medical DC/DC converters from MORNSUN

H01-serie met breed uitgangsspanningsbereik voor medische & chemische apparatuur

With the G / H series, MORNSUN brings a new 1W and 2W DC / DC converter to the market for medical applications. These converters meet the medical standards EN60601-1 and ANSI / AAMI ES60601-1 3rd edition (A x MOPP / 2 X MOOP).


Both the creepage and clearance of the transformer are 5 mm and for PCB 5.5 mm. The insulation voltage of the module is 4200VAC (6000VDC) high. This is 40% higher than the standard 3000VAC insulation voltage to comply with 2 x MOOP. In addition, the leakage current is less than 2µA, which strongly ensures the safety of the patient.