Energy & environment

The use of electrical energy is on the rise. This also applies to renewable energy. Energy needs to be generated more efficiently and sustainably.

Renewable energy solutions

Solar panels, wind- and water energy are just a few options for generating electrical energy. In order to generate as much energy as possible, these applications must be equipped as efficiently as possible.


We have products that are specifically designed for this market. Small, efficient and reliable to guarantee a long service life without too much maintenance. This way you save money and ensure that your application will last longer.

Elipse offers

  • Market knowledge
  • More than 30 years of experience
  • Products specifically designed for these applications
  • Outstanding service
  • Custom made products

A robust and reliable PULS UPS for windmill applications


Today, wind power stations are important for energy supply in many industrial countries. With their smoothly rotating blades, these power stations may not be that impressive on the outside, but on the inside a very complex technical system with many components.


In the event of a power failure, the entire control system must be buffered to guarantee the operation of critical functions. The PULS DC-UPS (UB20) ensures a constant output voltage during the buffer time. This means that the electrical components such as the software of the drive units and the brakes are reliably supplied with the necessary operating voltage in an emergency.