As a machine builder you always strive for a better and more competitive machine

We are happy to show you how we, together with other machine builders, have succeeded in optimizing their machines with our power supplies. What exactly are the benefits:


  • More compact
  • More reliable
  • More efficient
  • Longer life span
  • Less warm
  • Robust against voltage spikes and dips or other electrical disturbances
  • Cost optimized
  • Correct certificates
  • Easier to use and install

We also like to study this together for your machine. After all, you are the specialist of your machine, we in electronic power supplies. Let us work together to also reduce the downtime and maintenance of your machine, minimize costs and maximize specifications, uptime and output. This way the machine becomes more competitive and attractive for your end customer and it offers him even more added value. As a machine builder, you naturally reap the benefits.

How do we go to work?

  • Support from our in-house engineers who think along during the design process
  • Tailor-made solutions for your application or machine
  • Our product range is very extensive and contains the most efficient and reliable power supplies on the market.
  • You can come to us for standard power supplies and for customization.
  • Commercially we are happy to show the lowest Total Cost of Ownership of our power supplies
  • We are flexible in logistics thanks to our large warehouse in Schoten, near to Antwerp
  • We are happy to help with additional operations and services tailored to your needs