Automotive industry

The automotive industry sets a high value and top priority on reliability and efficiency in production and all manufacturing processes.


Automotive production is running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and any downtime in the manufacturing process is cost-intensive. Reliable operation and failure-free production are provided by PULS products, which assure the longest service life and the highest MTBF figures. These criteria are essential for all components that are part of the production machinery in the automotive industry, where equipment is designed to last for a minimum of 15 years.

Supplier requirements become even more important when considering the demands on overall efficiency. As production is running continuously, special attention is paid to energy consumption and CO2 savings to ensure profitable business operation. PULS power supplies assure the highest efficiency and lowest input current. The resulting benefits for automotive industry applications are impressive:

  • Lowest power losses
  • Energy savings
  • CO2 reduction

Overall, PULS contributes significantly to assure safe, reliable and efficient production in the automotive industry.

Applications of PULS products can be found throughout the whole production process

  • Gear fabrication
  • Engine fabrication
  • Axles fabrication
  • Foundry
  • Press shop/li>
  • Assembly line
  • Paint shop

PULS products meet requirements of life expectancy

PULS products assure the lowest input current and highest efficiency. This enables operation at the lowest temperature. Lower operation temperature improves the service life of every single power supply component, especially the electrolytic capacitors which are mainly responsible for calculating MTBF figures and life expectancy. Hence, the life expectancy of PULS products is maximized, requirements for the automotive industry are fulfilled and this contributes greatly to the goal of running production continuously and reliably for a minimum of 15 years.