Elipse and DOLD join forces

DOLD is known for it’s excellent products in relay technology, machine safety and interlock systems. The DOLD solutions are successfully utilized whenever people, machines or equipment must be protected from damage and productivity requires enhancement. One of the strengths of DOLD is adjusting existing products or offering tailor-made solutions. Because the entire production is being done in-house, they have lots of flexibility and know-how.

We are proud that DOLD has chosen us as their partner! The products of DOLD fit perfectly with the industries we are active in. This makes our product range even more complete and allows us to be of better service to you. Starting from 1 January 2017, Elipse is the distributor for DOLD in Belgium and Luxembourg. This shows that DOLD has a lot of confidence in us as an independent supplier.

Besides being the commercial and logistics partner from our suppliers, we are also technical advisor for our customers. We give advice and support in the search for the best solution for your application. Along with our technical support, we also offer a lot of attention to on time deliveries, clear agreements and a smile on (y)our face. This gives us a close partnership with our suppliers and our clients.

Elipse team op bezoek bij DOLD

DOLD is a leading industrial representative in relay technology and machines safety. This offers lots of extra value for us and our clients. Through our extended network in Belgium and Luxembourg we will spread the word of DOLD even further. We look forward to show what DOLD can mean for you.

DOLD : UH 6900 collection
DOLD specialist