Elipse en E-T-A, power and protection done the right way!

Choosing the right power supply and 24Vdc protection for your machine is very important because they are the heart of your machine. As a power supply specialist we, Elipse, help our customers to choose the right power solution for their application for 30 years. We have now entered into a partnership with E-T-A in order to continue to assist our customers in the field of electronic 24Vdc protection.

The electronic modules of E-T-A for current limitation and -protection provide an excellent addition to the Elipse power solutions. The compact and flexible system represents a 24Vdc total solution. This means protection and distribution for the builders of machines and panels under the motto “All-in-One”. This “All-in-One” system means central input + overflow protection + power distribution in one complete system. This can save you considerable time and costs.

We are certain that the Elipse power solutions combined with the electronic security modules from E-T-A will provide the ideal compact total solution for many applications.

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