Stacey Aerts

Stacey has been working for Elipse since 2018. She started as a temporary worker in the warehouse and has quickly moved on to the customer services department.

Rapidly evolved

As a temporary worker, I was looking for a company with clear career opportunities. At Elipse it soon became clear that they offer all their employees these career opportunities.


The first day I was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome and the openness of all employees. Everyone was informed that I was temporarily their new colleague and they went to extra trouble to make me feel good.


Due to the growth of the company, there quickly was an opportunity to become a permanent employee. I didn’t hesitate for a second.


My role

The customer is our focus, which brings a pleasant variation to my job. It requires a certain amount of flexibility because every customer wants to be helped in his own way.


I handle incoming mails and telephones, process the orders and take care of the orders. I think it is great that I have direct ties with the warehouse since that is where my roots lie with Elipse.

Elipse is a company where I can be myself, I want to work here for years.

Atmosphere in the workplace

The good atmosphere within the company is created by and for the employees. My colleagues are open and social and Elipse regularly organizes activities.

Within the company, I get the opportunity to further develop myself by participating in additional training. For example, I will soon follow additional French training so that I can optimally speak to all customers.


I have worked for a few companies in the past but nowhere was the atmosphere as good as at Elipse. There is almost no hierarchy within the company, despite the different functions.


The location and working hours are ideal. I come to work by bike which is a huge plus. A good balance between work and private life can also be found at Elipse.

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