ESX10-T electronic circuit protector for 48 VDC circuits 

Well-proven ESX technology at double voltage rating

E-T-A’s type ESX10-TC-DC48V extends our product group of electronic overcurrent protection devices for DC 48 V applications. At a width of only 12.5 mm it provides selective protection for all DC 24 V, DC 36 V and DC 48 V load circuits.

The device trips at typically 1.2 x IN and within milliseconds. It ensures overload protection also for DC 48 V motor loads and prevents inadvertent tripping in the event of quick load changes. The well-proven active current limitation also at 1.2 x IN prevents a shutdown of the supply voltage in the event of short circuits. It allows selective protection of several loads connected to one common DC 48 V supply. Clear and precise detection of overload and short-circuit significantly increases uptimes as well as application transparency

The robust design ensures unrivalled stability for selective protection of more loads at one DC power supply. E-T-A’s ESX10-TC-101-DC48V electronic circuit protector provides superior performance and functional reliability, especially for the protection of powertrains such as DC motors, multiphase motors, servomotors and their control technology.

elektronische circuitbeschermer

ESX10-T helps to save time and costs. The track-mountable circuit protector’s standard version provides one channel in the current ratings 1 A through 16 A. By means of busbars, the modular device allows construction of multi-channelled solutions and configuration of single or group signalling. The sophisticated mechanical design of the component also enables a minus load return directly to the module. This function enables hardware planners to realise a subdistribution directly on the ESX10-T electronic circuit protector.


Functions :

  • Three voltage ranges in a single device: DC 24 V, DC 36 V and DC 48 V
  • Active linear current limitation
  • Reverse voltage protected up to DC 63 V
  • Capacitive loads up to 5,000 µF
  • Fixed current ratings 1 A … 16 A
  • Track-mountable
  • UL approvals pending

Your benefits :

De ESX 10 reduceert machinestilstand

Reduces machine downtime

through robust design with maximum performance and faultless operation.

ESX 10 verhoogt de productiviteit

Increases productivity

with maximum transparency through clear and precise detection of short circuit and overload

de ESX vereenvoudigt planning en logistiek

Simplifies planning and logistics

since only one product is required for three voltage ranges: 24 Vdc, 36 Vdc, 48 Vdc.

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