LED lighting with different mounting possibilities

There are convincing reasons for choosing ELMEKO’s new LED-based switchgear cabinet lights:

  • long service life
  • energy efficiency
  • good illumination properties
  • solid material

Because of these advantages LED lighting is more and more common use in modern technologic applications. The slim ELMEKO LED lighting is available in three lengths and 2 varieties: optional with mounting cable or alternative with plug-in cable and switch on the light. The LED lighting with its hard cover made out of plastic is insensitive to shocks and vibrations. The lighting remains operative in a large temperature range from -20°C up to +60°C. Depending on the type, the LED lighting is between 185 and 640mm long, 25mm wide, 34mm high and it weighs between 100 and 700 gram.

Standard LED lighting works with 24 VDC, but it’s also available with high voltage LED lighting technology for the direct connection to 230 VAC. The power consumption is between 3W and 20W. Other colours or a special design with a red-white colour change to show faults are also available. The LED is been connected with a magnetic strip or screws. Accessories are also possible, like a door switch with pre-assembled cables, different electronic power supplies and holding magnets.

LED enclosure lighting:

The LLE-400 version can be bolted in place or attached magnetically – an added convenience bonus, as the light can be fixed on any surface inside the cabinet. It can be moved easily to any desired position, for example to illuminate a certain area for maintenance work. .

De LLE-400 van ELMEKO versie kan u door middel van schroeven of met een magnetische strip bevestigen

Installation versatility is another argument in favour of ELMEKO lights: the standard version has a protruding mounting strip on the back for fixing to customary switchgear cabinet profiles using two bolts. For smaller enclosures such as wall cabinets, there is the BW version with side-mounted installation brackets for universal bolted fastening. The BM version is the quickest to install – the back of the light features a large pad of magnetic film that allows easy, variable positioning on all level sheet-steel surfaces on the cabinet ceiling or wall.

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