Mornsun, leading power supply solution manufacturer

Established in Guangzhou, China in 1998, Mornsun is a leading power supply manufacturer. With 25 years of experience in power supply design and production, Mornsun has already released over 5,000 high-end products.


Mornsun strongly focusses on research and development. It has already patented over 1,400 new product developments. 3,000+ employees and 650+ R&D engineers operate from 4 Mornsun subsidiaries and 6 R&D centres.

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Mornsun products include AC/DC enclosed frame power supplies, AC/DC open frame power supplies, AC/DC PCB power modules, step shape AC/DC DIN-rail power supplies, DC/DC converters for PCB mounting, isolated DC/DC converters and non-isolated switching regulators.


Mornsun produces power supplies for different applications and industries, such as industrial automation, medical, energy management, electricity, railway transportation, smart city and more.


Mornsun AC/DC enclosed frame power supplies

Mornsun LM and LMF series are available with single and multiple output voltages. These series – ranging from 15W to 1500W – have an outstanding price/performance ratio. Mornsun AC/DC enclosed frame power supplies feature a 3 years warranty, high efficiency, low standby power and wide temperature range.


Types of Mornsun AC/DC enclosed frame power supplies are:

  • Compact type LM-R2 (35-350W)
  • Fanless Semi-potted type (200-750W)
  • 305RAC type (305VAC-input) (15-350W)
  • Universal type (264VAC-input) (35-1500W)
  • Universal type (Multiple outputs) (30-150W)
  • High power density type (120-750W)


Morsun AC/DC PCB power modules

LS (1-15W)
Mornsun compact low-cost isolated AC/DC converters LS series feature ultra-wide input range accepting either AC or DC voltage. This series is an excellent AC/DC converter solution that can meet high requirements in terms of size, cost, performance, reliability and flexible design.


LD (3-90W)
3-90W LD series is one of Mornsun’s compact size power converters. It features wide AC input and at the same time accepts DC input voltage, low power consumption, high efficiency and high reliability.


Mornsun AC/DC open frame power supplies

LO (3-120W)
3-120W LO series is one of Mornsun’s open frame power converters. It features universal AC input and at the same time accepts DC input voltage, high efficiency, high reliability and reinforced isolation.


LOF (120-750W)
Mornsun 120-750W AC/DC open frame power supply LOF series feature high power density, active PFC, high isolation voltage of 4,000VAC and very low leakage current, while meeting 2x MOPP level. LOF series ensure high safety and reliability.


Mornsun DC/DC converter for PCB mounting

DC/DC switching regulator regulated output (0.5-16A)
Mornsun DC/DC switching regulator is a high-efficiency non-isolated DC/DC converter with packages of SIP, DIP, SMD, DFN or chassis mounting available. It delivers no-load input current as low as 0.1mA, operating temperature as high as 105°C and high efficiency up to 97%.


Elipse, your Mornsun power supply specialist

For over 15 years, Elipse has been the authorized design-in partner of Mornsun power supplies in the Benelux. Together, we offer a wide range of solutions. Mornsun’s strong R&D and timely delivery combined with our engineering support and service gives you access to the most innovative products.