PULS, number 1 manufacturer of DIN-rail power supplies

PULS is global market and technology leader in designing and manufacturing DIN-rail power supplies. For over 40 years, PULS has been developing power supplies with the highest efficiency and reliability, the longest lifetime and the smallest dimensions.


PULS is headquartered in Munich, has an innovation laboratory in Vienna and smart, environmentally friendly factories in both the Czech Republic and China. PULS power is known for its pioneering spirit, innovative ideas and dedication to perfection.

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PULS has established a broad range of power supplies, offering the right solution for every application. All PULS power supplies product families are the result of talented and creative engineering.


PULS DIMENSION family | Full featured

The PULS DIMENSION family comes with the highest functionality to fit every high demanding application. These fully featured PULS power supplies combine the highest efficiency, with the longest service life and the smallest dimensions in the market.

The PULS DIMENSION family includes a wide range of 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V DIN-rail power supplies with 1-, 2- or 3-phase input and a power of 80 to 960W.


Helpful features of PULS DIMENSION power supplies are built-in redundancy, conformal coating and active load sharing.


PULS PIANO family | Cost-oriented

The PULS PIANO family equals reliability and basic functionality. These PULS power supplies are cost-oriented without compromising on quality. This family – classified in the series PIC and PIM – covers power classes from 36W up to 480W. The PULS PIANO family is perfectly suited for a wide variety of applications.


PULS FIEPOS family | Cabinet free

The PULS FIEPOS family stands for decentralized field power supplies for flexible use directly in the field. PULS FIEPOS is available in a basic series with one high-power DC output and an eFused series with up to four current-limited DC outputs.


Both series are available with a power of 300W or 500W. Benefits of PULS FIEPOS power supplies are you save costs, time and space.


These decentralized field power supplies are all-in-one devices in a compact housing that make it possible to use shorter cables and smaller cable cross-sections. This saves space in the system.


PULS PISA family | Protect Inform Secure Assist

The PULS PISA family includes all electronic circuit breakers designed and manufactured by PULS. This family of compact, supplementary protection modules is classified in the PISA-B and PISA11 series.


PULS PISA-B covers a series of highly efficient 8 channel electronic fuses. Only 52mm wide on the DIN-rail, including + and – terminals, PULS PISA-B is the next generation of electronic circuit breakers. It features:


☑ selective tripping of overloaded channels

☑ two different output types

☑ instant current monitor

☑ alarm signal

☑ reset feature

☑ PIN protection

☑ fail-safe switch

☑ compact design

☑ modular design

☑ push-in terminals


The PULS PISA11 series includes various cost-efficient electronic circuit breakers for DC 24V systems.


PULS MiniLine family | Low-power

The PULS MiniLine covers a series of ultra-compact DIN-rail power supplies for low and medium power range from 15W to 100W. Fit for low-power applications, these rugged plastic housing units are highly efficient and reliable.


PULS UPS & buffer modules

The 24V UPS modules from PULS are available in 10A, 20A and 40A. Based on the desired autonomy, battery holders can also be ordered with (UZK) or without battery (UZO).

The maintenance-free buffer modules with electrolytic capacitors from PULS work according to the same principle as a DC-UPS and can absorb short voltage drops in the 24V or 48V circuit.


PULS redundancy modules

With the PULS redundancy modules, 2 or more power supplies can be connected in parallel to ensure a stable power supply for your application. The different technologies in these redundancy modules ensure that you can still enjoy the compact dimensions with active load sharing and low consumption for which PULS is known.


Elipse, your PULS DIN-rail power supply specialist


For over 35 years, Elipse has been the preferred design-in partner of PULS power supplies in the Benelux. Just as PULS, we are technology driven by heart. Let our in-house engineers convince you of the efficiency, reliability, lifetime and particular small size of PULS power supplies. The benefits are that you save money, save energy, save space and win time.


With 227 DIN-rail power supplies, PULS offers a broad range of products with a long product availability. We are your PULS DIN-rail power supply specialist. Always there to support you with the perfect power supply for your application.