MORNSUN 165 ~ 264VAC input voltage AC/DC battery charging MBP serie

Which benefits does the MBP-series offer:

MORNSUN recently released charging power supplies MBP300- and MBP500-series specialized for distribution automation systems. It improves the reliability of the system with real-time monitoring and intelligent control. This series has some big advantages such as:

  • Ultra-low standby power consumption
  • Active PFC
  • High efficiency up to 86%
  • meet requirements of DL/T721-2013 standard.

For feeder terminal units (FTU), distribution terminal units (DTU) and remote terminal units (RTU) systems, most of the time the whole monitoring system operates in a no-load state. Therefore, low standby power consumption and high reliability of the charging power supply are significant and critical to reduce the energy consumption and improve the reliability of the system.

MBP500 Energy safe statistics

Some of the important MBP-series features in detail:

Longer time of instantaneous power: When a system fault occurs, MBP series still offer 540W output for 30s. It will help isolate the fault area and charge the safety area. Thus, the wires are protected from damage.

MBP500 specifications

Longer hold-up time: In practical applications, when systems cannot be connected with the backup battery, input fault soft turn-off may cause data of the core units missing or losing during its processing and storage. MBP series is designed with a longer hold-up time (1.42S+) to avoid it.

MBP500 details

Excellent EMS performance: Concentrated on EMS performance, design reliability and system reliability, MBP series have been tested to meet the requirements of 5KV impact compression test, surge test (level four) and pulse test, etc.

Multiple protections and various applications: MBP series provide output over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protections, etc. With battery activation (manually or automatically through external signal), over discharge protection, external communications and control functions, they are suitable for:

  • distribution automation system (DTU/FTU)
  • electric power
  • power substation
  • RMU
  • intelligent power box-type substation
  •  intelligent switch controller applications
Mornsun MBP series : specialized for distribution automation systems

Features of the MBP-serie:

  • Low standby power consumption, meet DL/Tl721-2013 standard
  • High instantaneous power: MBP300: 351W (30S), MBP500: 540W (30S)
  • Battery charging function: charging 24V/48V output lead-acid battery; used as uninterrupted power supply with matching battery
  • Charging & discharging management function: battery status display, battery activation, external communication and control
  • Output over-current and over-voltage and short-circuit protections
  • Operating temperature: – 40℃~+70℃
  • Chassis mounting
  • Special power and output voltage customization available



MBP300: 27 VDC output datasheet

MBP500: 27 VDC output datasheet

MBP500: 54VDC output datasheet

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