ODX-6000: Premium´s 6000W inverter – parallelizable up to 30kW

Solutions designed for the railway market require extremely reliable technological concepts. The new ODX-6000 three-phase DC/AC inverter guarantees these very high standards in terms of accuracy, performance, safety, and strict regulatory compliance.

The ODX-6000 consists of 6000W pure sinewave inverters with multiple input-output voltage combinations.  In addition, it stands out for its small size, high power density and efficiency. It allows up to 5 parallelizable units, which can add up to 30kW, making it a unique solution in the market.

At Premium, we are constantly searching for technologies that bring new performance to each of our devices. The ODX-6000 inverters use silicon carbide (SiC), a technology that offers high density and up to 94.3% efficiency. The unit can operate at high temperature, high power and high frequency. Avoiding potential energy loss is key, and this new series of 6000W industrial and railway inverters are also a guarantee of maximum optimization of the electrical flow.

The ODX-6000 is equipped with a maximum average power protection as well as maximum output peak current protection, an indispensable technical detail to protect the semiconductors even when an output short-circuit occurs. It also features a disable function for input under-voltage, which allows protecting the batteries from harmful discharges.

High isolation, adjustable parameters through RS-232 and CAN BUS, isolated alarm and remote control through optocouplers and relay contacts, among other technical parameters, make the ODX-6000 a reliable and dynamic solution aimed at industry and high speed.

The unit allows:

  • Up to 5 units working in parallel (30kW).
  • Changing the output voltage and frequency.
  • Start-up the motors by a soft start based on voltage/frequency ramp up.
  • Modify the slope of the start-up ramp and have a remote control via RS-232.
  • Set the rotation speed of a motor according to the appropriate voltage/frequency ratio.
  • Activate shutdown by applying voltage output.
  • Setting and monitoring the status of the input and output voltage through a user friendly software interface
  • Regulatory compliance and safety


  • Multiple input voltage versions
  • Parallelable output (up to 5 units, 30kW)
  • Output voltage configurable from 70 to 400Vac
  • Output frequency configurable from 5 to 75 Hz
  • High input-output isolation (3000Vrms)
  • Remote control via RS232
  • CAN BUS optional
  • High power density
  • Input / Output alarms
  • peak power
  • Up to 94.3% efficiency
  • Programmable ramp-up behavior for motor soft startup
  • Low THD Total Harmonics Distortion (<2%)



  • 3 years for industrial version
  • 5 years for railway version

Designing robust products, suitable to respond to market demands, is key for Premium. But we also make sure to enable adjustments. Looking for an ODX-6000 with different technical features? Tell us your challenge and we’ll make it ours from now on!