The military is in love with our DC/DC converters!

With their modular architecture, Gaïa makes it easy for the professional user to comply with military or railway norms and standards with little design cost. Many different peripheral modules and line conditioning blocks are available which allow the design engineer to fulfill the highest professional norms in no time.

  • DC/DC blocks for PCB from 4W up to 200W
  • High reliability
  • Extremely wide input ranges from 4.7VDC up to 480VDC
  • Hold-up modules, filters, line conditioning blocks
  • AC/DC PFC modules for avionics up to 350W
  • MIL-STD, DO, ABD100, EN50155, RIA12 and many other standards
MPGS-14A non isolated DC-DC converter

MPGS-14-E-B point of load module

Hi-Rel non isolated DC converter

with ultra wide input of 4,75 up to 36 VDC

MGDI-164 isolated DC/DC converter 250W

MGDI-254 DC/DC converter

250W in a standard quarter brick package

with wide input range of 9 up to 36 VDC

mgdd20W Gaïa converter

1 x 1,5″  MGDDI-20 series
with ultra wide input: 12…160 VDC
all railway input voltages in one
available in 6W, 20W, 60W