The REX system: your all-in-one modular 24V protection


Supply module ETA

A central power input in DC 24V applications has never been easier. Plus or minus power, conventional or intelligent – the EM12 modules are an essential part of the REX all-in-one solution. They are tailored to the requirements of machine and panel builders and no further accessories are required for the mechanical connection of the individual components. This helps save time and money!


The Rex12 system is a modern overcurrent protection solution with unique functions. These modules are available with either one or two channels, making it ideal for any application. The electrical connection of the system is then realized by means of a connecting arm, without the need for further accessories. Conventional or smart – selective overcurrent protection can be this simple.


The PM12-T power distribution concept of the REX system can be very easily divided into two main groups. In the same system, the user can realize not only the + DC 24V distribution but also the minus distribution 0V (GND).


Under the name “all-in-one”, the compact and flexible REX system from E-T-A represents a comprehensive DC 24V security and distribution solution for machine and panel builders. It is a perfectly tuned system, obtained entirely from one source. Despite the optimized functionalities, the REX12 product group requires incredibly few components and therefore offers significant time and cost savings.


A basic requirement of Industry 4.0 is the storage and evaluation of all data obtained from machines and systems.

At the same time, they form the basis of solutions in the field of “status monitoring” and “preventive maintenance”.

The E-T-A REX system helps on these topics to improve the machine consistency of the complete systems.


  • Increased machine uptime through clear error detection, high transparency and remote diagnostics.
  • Offers flexibility, easy assembly or disassembly and is therefore easy to adjust if necessary.
  • Saves 50% in time through innovative and flexible connection technology.
  • Saves costs because no further accessories are required.
  • Saves space because each module is only 12.5 mm wide