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Are you looking for the ideal power supply for your application? Since 1986, Elipse has specialized in power supplies. For more than 30 years we get up every day with power supplies in our heads and we go to sleep with them. We are happy to share this accumulated experience and knowledge.


We are still learning every day thanks to our customer relationships with highly varied applications in different sectors. This allows us to think along and offer professional advice and unique technical support. Together with your knowledge of the machine or device, this results in a power supply entirely tailored to your application. Our combination of technical know-how, product responsibility and timely deliveries guarantee the best solution for the best price. Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.

Solutions by knowledge

Solutions by knowledge


your ideal power supply

Your ideal power supply

You are looking for a power supply that is optimal for your application. Elipse offers a wide range of standard products. Moreover, we are also specialized in power supplies adapted to your specific needs. We provide your ideal power solution.

professional support

Professional support

Our engineers understand your application and have excellent knowledge and know-how of electronic power supplies. This gives you the support and power supply solution that you need.

Best price-performance ratio

Best price-quality ratio

Elipse offers you a long-term solution at a good price. A compact, cost-efficient and reliable power supply that ensures that the heart of your machine, the power supply, continues to pump. With a power supply that remains in top condition for a long time, we ensure a low total cost of ownership.

ease of use

Ease of use

The simplicity of use, both when ordering and during installation, is an important selection parameter. That is why we try to ensure that our products are easy to order and to use.

Just-in-time deliveries

Just-in-time deliveries

To ensure that your production proceeds as planned, the stock and deliveries of Elipse are adjusted to your schedule. Elipse has a very large stock of electronic power supplies in the Benelux. You receive your products when you need them.

specialised range of products

Specialised in power supplies

Do you have a specific application? Elipse has the right product. Complex applications are our daily challenge.