High-efficiency converters for critical applications

Gaïa converters – made in France and allowing a simple and modular design – are perfect for critical applications in aviation, railway and other demanding industries.

  • DC/DC blocks for PCB from 4W up to 200W
  • High reliability
  • Extremely wide input ranges from 4.7VDC up to 480VDC
  • Hold-up modules, filters, line conditioning blocks
  • AC/DC PFC modules for avionics up to 350W
  • MIL-STD, DO, ABD100, EN50155, RIA12 and many other standards
MPGS-14A non isolated DC-DC converter

MPGS-14-E-B point of load module

Hi-Rel non isolated DC converter

with ultra wide input of 4,75 up to 36 VDC

MGDI-164 isolated DC/DC converter 250W

MGDI-254 DC/DC converter

250W in a standard quarter brick package

with wide input range of 9 up to 36 VDC

mgdd20W Gaïa converter

1 x 1,5″  MGDDI-20 series
with ultra wide input: 12…160 VDC
all railway input voltages in one
available in 6W, 20W, 60W