The world of DIN-Rail power supplies!

CP10 power supply 240W, 24VDC

CP10 power supply
240W – 290W power
12, 24, 36 or 48VDC output
95,2% efficiency,
39 mm wide

For more than 40 years, PULS has been the global market leader in DIN-Rail power supplies.

With over 120 R&D engineers, we provide the latest power supply technology for your machine. The focus is always on long service life, very compact dimensions, high efficiency and energy efficiency. These power supplies are therefore suitable for a broad range of complex applications.

PULS power supplies are designed in 3 R&D centres and built in 2 own PULS factories. Due to the low overhead costs, the power supplies can be offered at attractive prices. The PULS power supplies are the greenest in the market, not only in terms of operation but also in terms of construction.

Dimension series: state-of-the-art power supplies

The DIMENSION family unites all technological innovations that PULS has made over the past 40 years. For our customers, this means the highest efficiency, the longest service life and the most compact dimensions in the market.


Our DIMENSION power supplies are the beating heart of your machine, always in top condition under all circumstances. Install them in seconds and don’t worry about it anymore.


The DIMENSION family includes the widest range of 12 to 48 VDC DIN rail power supplies. In addition, we also offer DC / DC converters, buffer modules, DC-UPS and redundancy modules. The products are divided into three series: Q, C and X with 1, 2 or 3 phase input and a power of 80 to 960W.


Each series has its own different power supply models. Useful functions such as DC-OK relay contact, remote ON / OFF, spring terminals, wide DC input range and important inspections are available for each series.

  • 1- or 3-phase AC input
  • wide AC and DC input range
  • 80 – 960W power
  • 20% Power boost or 50 % BonusPower
  • Active power factor correction (PFC)
  • Long lifetime and high efficiency
  • AC and DC wide-range input
  • Low inrush current
  • DC-OK relay contact
  • Large connection terminals for easy and fast wiring
  • Extensive approval package

Piano series: less is more

The focus of the PIANO series is on basic functionality without compromising on the known PULS quality: high efficiency, long service life, reliability and compact dimensions. Extra options and more complex functions such as power reserves have been deliberately omitted. This makes a high-quality cost-oriented design possible.

  • 1-phase AC input
  • 36W, 90W, 120W, 240W and 480W
  • Long service life, high efficiency
  • Compact and robust plastic housing
  • Large screw terminals or push-in terminals
  • DC-OK relay contact

Miniline ML-Series, compact and installed within seconds

These units are intended for lower power applications and are supplied in a robust plastic housing. The excellent price-quality ratio and compact dimensions convince all MiniLine users. A 30 W device, therefore, requires a space of only 22.5 mm on the DIN rail.

  • 1- or 2-phase input
  • 15 – 120W
  • High efficiency
  • Various models with DC input
  • Large spring terminals or screw terminals
  • Available with NEC CLASS 2 approval
PISA11.Class2 protection module PULS

Redundancy modules

• Diode or mosfet technology
• Power up to 2 x 40A or 1 x 80A
• Hot-swap models available

de UC10242 DCUPS - buffer module

Supercap & Buffer modules

• Supercap up to 12kWs (typ. 33s @ 10A)
• Goldcap up to 0.2kWs (120ms @ 20A)
• Fully monitored

Puls UBC10.241 DC-UPS


• 240 – 480W, 1-battery concept
• Fully monitored
• Optimised BMS battery management

PULS VARIO: customized solutions with the latest technology

  • Modifications and system solutions with added-value
  • Power supplies fully customized to the customer