Peltier cooler with hygienic design

The 24VDC PK50-HD Peltier cooling unit is specially designed for use in hygienic environments. Unlike other conventional coolers who use compressor technology and cooling liquid, the PK50-HD ELMEKO cooler works with the modern Peltier-technology.


This innovative process is based on semiconductors and allows the cooler to be placed in any position in the industry or on mobile applications with lots of vibrations. This thermo-electric cooler with 50W cooling power is designed for the cooling of small housings, switchgear cabinets and for large displays. With its stainless steel frame, closed fan on the outside and anodised aluminium cooling plate with widespread cooling fins the maintenance is extremely simple. The PK 50-HD is put in an IP67 housing, perfect for use in hygienic applications.

Applicatie voorbeelden :

  • Bottelarijen
  • Voedselverwerkingsbedrijven
  • Chocolatiers
  • Bakkerijen
  • Lithografische industrie
  • Brouwerijen

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