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50 Watt Transient Suppressor: LGDSI-50-Q-K

The Gaia Converter LGDSI-50-Q-K Series designates an active power front-end module designed to completely protect electronic systems. De LGDSI-50-Q-K embeds spike/transient suppression, EMI filtering, reverse polarity protection and inhibit functions as needed in typical Railway & high end Industrial products.

The LGDSI-50-Q-K delivers an adapted output voltage compliant with Gaia Converter DC/DC range of modules. This line of module is optimized to provide high efficiency up to 98% over the whole power range up to 50W power.


Note: the LGDSI-50-Q-K was previously called LGDS-50. This change only affects the part numbering, there is no product change and all performances remain the same.

Gaia’s LGDSI-50-Q-K Industrial Grade offer operating temperature ranges of -40 to +95°C with input ranges typically required for Transportation / OEM / Industrial applications:

LGDSI-50-J-K : 10-36 Vdc permanent; 36 Vdc / 1 s & 85 Vdc / 20 ms transients; 1800 Vdc / 50 μs spikes

LGDSI-50-Q-K : 36-154 Vdc permanent; 165 Vdc / 1 s & 385 Vdc / 20 ms transients; 1800 Vdc / 50 μs spikes

Features Gaïa LGDSI-50-Q-K

  • Compact spike suppressor dedicated for Rail/Industrial applications up to 50W.
  • Spike suppressor module compliant with
    • EN50155 level 1.800V
    • RIA12 level 8.400V
  • Transient suppressor module compliant with
    • EN50155
    • IEC 571
    • RIA12
  • Input reverse polarity protection
  • Integrated EMI filter EN55022 class A
  • Inhibit function

Gaïa Converter at Elipse

Gaia Converter is a global leader in field proven high reliability DC power modules.

With over 3500 part numbers, its DC-DC Converter, PFC Front End and related input protection product lines offer all necessary building bricks for complete modular High Reliability power supply architectures, from 4 to 350W or more. At Elipse, we bring all these innovative products together. This allows us to offer the most suitable DC power modules, tailored to your application.

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Technical specifications


Range Output Voltage

Consult Datasheet

Output Power

50 W


98 %

Number of outputs


Isolation Voltage VDC

No Isolation

Input Voltage DC

36 – 165 VDC





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Voltage DC

36 – 165 VDC




Max operate temperature

+95 °C

Min operate temperature

-40 °C

Dimensions (WxHxD)

40 mm x 12,8 mm x 26 mm


28 g


1 100 k hours

Extra function

transient input voltage