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6000 VA DC/AC inverter

The ODX-6000 industrial and railway inverter uses silicon carbide (SiC), a technology that offers high density and up to 94.3% efficiency. The ODX-6000 can operate at high temperature, high power and high frequency. Avoiding potential energy loss is key, and this new series of 6000W pure sine wave 3ph DC/AC inverters are also a guarantee of maximum optimization of the electrical flow.

Solutions designed for the industrial and railway sector require extremely reliable technological concepts. The new ODX-6000 three-phase DC/AC inverter guarantees these very high standards in terms of accuracy, performance, safety and strict regulatory compliance.

The ODX-6000 consists of 6000W pure sinewave inverters with multiple input-output voltage combinations. In addition, it stands out for its small size, high power density and efficiency. It allows up to 5 parallelizable units, which can add up to 30kW, making it a unique solution in the market.

The ODX-6000 is equipped with a maximum average power protection as well as maximum output peak current protection, an indispensable technical detail to protect the semiconductors even when an output short-circuit occurs. It also features a disable function for input under-voltage, which allows protecting the batteries from harmful discharges.

High isolation, adjustable parameters through RS-232 and CAN BUS, isolated alarm and remote control through optocouplers and relay contacts, among other technical parameters, make the ODX-6000 a reliable and dynamic solution aimed at industry and high speed.

Features Premium ODX-6000

  • Sine wave output voltage
  • Suitable for motors control
  • Adjustable output frequency
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • High input-output isolation 3000Vrms
  • Remote off opto-coupled
  • Alarm by isolated relay contacts
  • Configurable input: Reverse or Mid power
  • Remote control via RS232
  • CAN BUS (optional)
  • Parallelable output (optional)
  • Railway version EN50155 (optional)
  • Fire and smoke: EN45545-2 approved

Premium DC/AC inverter at Elipse

Premium is specialist in designing and manufacturing power conversion systems for the industrial market. Its product range includes high reliability power supplies from 50W to 50kW. At Elipse, we bring all these innovative products together. This allows us to offer the most suitable DC power modules, tailored to your application.

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Technical specifications


Range Output Voltage

400 VAC

Output Power

4500 - 6000 W


7.8 - 11.5 A


< 2.5 %


94.2 %

Number of outputs


Input Voltage DC

24 - 110 VDC





DC/AC inverter



Voltage DC

24 - 110 VDC

Voltage range

16.8 - 138 VDC




Max operate temperature


Min operate temperature


Dimensions (WxHxD)

260 mm x 84.8 mm x 455.44 mm


< 8.9 kg


100 k hours