PULS company video 2015

PULS manufactures DIN-Rail switched-mode power supplies and focuses mainly on standard units. The headquarters of this privately owned and managed company is in Munich, they also have production facilities in China and Czech Republic.

In December 2004, PULS and MGV started to work together. The business focus of MGV is mainly on developing custom designed solutions for switched-mode power supplies. With this co-operation PULS can deliver a wide range of standardized- and custom made power supplies.

As a reliable partner and manufacturer of switched-mode power supplies PULS supports it’s customers with supplying very reliable and efficient power supplies of the highest quality. The innovative idea’s in electronic development, together with the highly functional mechanical design puts PULS in a leading technological position.

For all the main technical details of the PULS products, you can check out the completely new selection guide.

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