PULS Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions

PULS captures the Power over Ethernet (PoE) market with a new series of high-quality 8-port PoE-Injectors available with an integrated premium power supply or as a stand-alone device.

In 2018 PULS has come up with a brand new series of PoE-Injectors.
Customers searching for a highly reliable and efficient way to supply
a multitude of PoE devices will be impressed by the new PULS
design. With up to 8 ports and an integrated premium power
supply, a just 77mm wide injector can do what is today only
possible with a combination of at least two devices.

That saves costs and space on the DIN rail. Customers searching
a stand-alone device will be delighted by the 39mm small
variant without integrated power supply.
Using plug and play, automatic device detection and classification
together with proven DIN rail mounting, PULS
PoE-Injectors are user-friendly and easy to install. Further,
high-performance capacity with PoE+ and Gigabit Ethernet as well
as a robust and flexible design make these injectors suitable for a variety
of applications worldwide:

  • process and factory automation
  • medical applications
  • surveillance
  • infrastructure

Benefits at a glance

Feed up to 8 devices with only one PoE injector

PULS PoE injectors are equipped with a maximum of 8 ports. Each port delivers a power of 30 W (25.5 W under load) and complies with IEEE standard 802.3at. This makes PoE communication possible with a large number of devices with only one PoE injector.

Safe time and space with a compact plug and play device

Standard DIN rail mounting allows a simple and fast installation of the PoE injector in the customer’s application. No complicated installation and integration into the Ethernet LAN is required. The small size of the all-in-one solution with a width of just 77 mm saves space. You can also reduce the total number of devices in your system.

Safe costs with an all-in-one solution

With the option of a built-in PULS CP10.481, customers get a high-quality power supply that convinces with quality, reliability and performance. This all-in-one solution reduces system complexity and costs through shorter installation times. In addition, only one part number must be managed.

Save time and space with a compact plug-and-play device

PULS always ensures a maximum level of security for its products, both for hardware and software. For example, if an Ethernet channel of the PoE injector fails, all other channels remain unaffected and fully functional. The devices are protected against digital manipulation attempts – the integration of an ASIC component in the switch design prevents intrusion.

All benefits at a glance

Reliable supply of up to 8 devices with just one PoE-Injector


PULS DIN rail PoE-Injectors are equipped with up to 8 ports. Each port delivers a power of 30W (25.5W at load) and is compliant with IEEE Standard 802.3at. This enables PoE communication with a high number of devices using just one PoE-Injector.


Flexibility for your application

Customers have the possibility to choose between a version with or without built-in power supply depending on their application. On request, variants with less than 8 ports are available.


Saving costs with an integrated power supply

With the option of a PULS CP10.481 being built-in, customers get a high-end power supply on top which convinces by quality, reliability and performance. This all-in-one solution helps to save costs because instead of two just one device is needed.


Space problems on the DIN rail belong to the past

The small size of the all-in-one solution with a width of only 77mm saves space on the DIN rail. Also, the stand-alone PoE-Injector convinces with its small width of only 39mm.


Simple installation through DIN rail mounting

Standard DIN rail mounting allows an easy and quick installation of the PULS PoE-Injector in customers’ application. No complicated setup and integration into a network is required.


Security and real-time

Since no layer-2 switching methodology is applied, real-time and security critical applications can be powered with the highest level of confidence.

Highlights of the PoE injector

  • Easy setup – plug and play
  • Up to 8x 30W PoE output power (acc. IEEE Standard 802.3at)
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Automatic device detection and classification
  • Option for the integrated CP10.481 power supply with AC 100-240V wide-range input.
    Outstanding through:

    • high efficiency up to 95,5%
    • advanced inrush current limitation
    • active power factor correction
  • Small size (LxWxH) of just :
    • 117 x 39 x 128mm PoE-Injector
    • 117 x 77 x 131mm PoE-injector with integrated DIN-rail power supply
  • Din-Rail mounting
  • Operational temperature range between
    • -45°C up to +85°c PoE-injector
    • -25°C up to +70°C PoE-injector with integrated DIN-Rail power supply
PoE voeding van PULS

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