5 – 15 Watt DC/DC converter for the solar energy industry

Background information :

As we all know, the photovoltaic power station is located at remote areas, which makes it difficult to supply power for the control systems. Usually, engineers power the circuits by batteries or the mains supply. However, both of the methods will increase the cost of setting the wire or batteries. But now MORNSUN launches the PV Series products to solve this problem.

Solution for the problem

MORNSUN PVxx-27BxxR2 Series power modules (CE approval) offer an ultra-wide input voltage range of 100-1000VDC and a temperature range of -40℃ to +70℃, which enable the control systems can get power from the solar panels directly and ensure the reliable operation. The modules feature an isolation voltage of 4000VAC, output over-voltage protection, short circuit protection and input against reverse protection which ensure the stability of the circuit

Features of the PV15-27BxxR2 module:

  • Ultra-wide Input Range: 100~1000 VDC available;
  • Multiple Protections: Output over-voltage protection, Short-circuit protection (automatic recovery), Input reverse voltage protection
  • Isolation Voltage: 4000VAC;
  • Size: 70.00*48.00*23.50mm;
  • Available power: 5, 10 or 15W

Application for Photovoltaic Monitoring System:

In traditional photovoltaic monitoring system, generally we need an additional power supply like battery or the mains supply to power the system. But MORNSUN PV15-27BxxR2 offers 100-1000VDC input voltage that make it possible to get power from the solar panels, convert the unstable voltage to 12V/15V/24V, and finally power the system. At the meantime, the multiple protections ensure the reliable operation of power supply and load.

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