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Redundancy modules

Power supplies with integrated decoupling function

6 août 2019

Integrating the decoupling function into the power supplies allows PULS users to design redundancy systems without an additional redundancy module....


Reliability: Specification of MTBF and service lifetime for PULS power supplies

24 mai 2019

In practice, the terms "MTBF" and "lifetime" are often used interchangeably. But they refer to different processes and ...


The first DIN rail power supply with an integrated IO-Link port

20 mai 2019

The DIMENSION QT40.241-B2 sees PULS bringing to market the first 3-phase DIN rail power supply (24V / 40A) that makes...

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The new PV200-29Bxx-series with ultra wide input voltage range of 300 – 1500VDC

6 mai 2019

MORNSUN recently introduced 200W PV200-29Bxx series which has an input voltage of 300-1500VDC to further meet customer demand of Ultra-wide...

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5W AC / DC-converters with ultra-wide input voltage

24 avril 2019

MORNSUN recently introduced 5W ultra-wide input voltage SIP AC/DC Converters LS05-26BxxSS (-F) series after the launch of the 3W...

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Record-breaking 24V/10A PULS power supply

27 mars 2019

The CP10 DIN-Rail power supply sets new records when it comes to both efficiency and size.