PULS releases new CP medical power supplies with DIN-Rail mounting 

Medical applications demand the highest requirements in terms of reliability, minimal space, special approvals and stringent safety standards. In other words, it is the perfect environment for optimising the full potential of the CP series.

Open frame power supplies were previously the only option available to medical device manufacturers. With the CP series medical power supplies, PULS is the first to offer an efficient, fanless DIN-rail power supply conforming to the highest technological standards and one that is always available from stock.

Applications : 

Medical applications in hospitals (theatre equipment, patient monitoring, call systems), building technology (door openers, lighting) and imaging diagnostics (CT, MRT, ultrasound) can greatly benefit from the high industry standard. The specifications in terms of reliability, dimensions and lifespan are better than those of open-frame power supplies. There is also an increasing number of applications within laboratories requiring standardised DIN-rail power supplies.

DIN rail mounting increases flexibility

The most obvious difference from the open frame power supplies is the design and mounting on the DIN-rail. The DIN rail installation, a long-established standard in the industry, is new for medical appliances.

The most important benefits of DIN rail mounting are rapid installation and a high degree of flexibility that facilitate a modular system design. This means that individual components from different manufacturers can be combined to create the best option for the application regarding efficiency, performance and price. the further advantage of DIN-rail mounting is that users can affix power supplies from different performance classes on an integrated installation system. This also allows for retrofitting or replacing of components.

CP medical power supplies – reliable and quiet

The 100 % convection cooling of the PULS CP medical power supplies (CP10.241-M1 and CP20.241-M1) is an appealing option for medical technology in particular. The devices do not require any mechanical fan to dissipate the heat. This applies to the entire output range and is thanks to low heat losses. This makes unreliable and noisy fans unnecessary.

The CP medical power supplies work completely quietly in the background, contributing to a quiet environment for patients. In addition, the minimal heat generation means that high reliability and a long service lifetime are achieved. This makes the devices ideally suited for many years of use in medical devices.

Maximum safety level (2 MOPP) for patients and operators 

The CP medical power supplies conform to all requirements defined in the standards IEC 60601-1, 3rd Edition and IEC 60601-1-2, 4th Edition. The power supplies provide two means of protection for patients (2 MOPP – Means Of Patient Protection) and operators. Compliance with the EMC test is also provided in full, without any additional measures such as external filters.

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