Wireless enabling switch – have a good grip on safety

In automised processes safety systems block the access to dangerous areas. Often people have to work inside a dangerous area while the machine is in a special operation mode e.g. during test, programming and maintenance. Especially for these situations the TUEV approved 3-step radiocontrolled enabling switch SAFEMASTER W from DOLD provides the necessary safety functions. It allows a safe operation and safe disconnection in a dangerous situation. It is designed for universal usage and allows maximum mobility and flexibility. In the case of danger the operator presses the button fully or releases it from middle position. The machine goes into safe state.

In addition the SAFEMASTER W has a display and 4 programmable push buttons to actuate up to 20 control functions. This allows to adopt the device to the actual application. The ergonomic designed enabling switch with large display provides a comfortable one hand operation.

Your advantage:

  • Maximum mobility and flexibility at highest safety
  • For safety applications up to Cat 4 / PL e or SIL CL 3, TUEV approved
  • Individual configurable push buttons for up to 20 control functions
  • Ergonomic transmitter for non-tiring operation
  • Comfortable one-hand operation
  • Clear operating panel with easy to read display
  • Fast frequency adoption to environment on the enabling switch
  • Maximum freedom of movement due to wireless design
  • High operating safety by dynamic and redundant data transmission protocol

Technical specifications :


System components of SAFEMASTER W:

  • Wireless enabling switch RE 6910 (transmitter)
  • Radio controller safety module BI 6910 (receiver)
  • charger station for enabling switch (RE 6910/010)

​Up to 3 infrared receivers to define starting areas (as option)

Radio controllers safety moduleBI 6910

  • to receive e-sop and control signals via radio transmission
  • to connect e-stop buttons, gate contacts or light curtains
  • Safety output contacts: 3 NO or 2 NO and 1 NC and 6 transistor outputs for control functions
  • manual and automatic start
  • 3 transistor outputs and LEDs for status indication

Safety related data: 

  • Cat 4 / PL e up to DIN EN ISO 13849-1
  • Safety integrity level (SIL 3) to IEC/EN 61508


Applications :


  • Setup and maintenance of robot cells
  • Entering machine working areas during setup
  • Maintenance of dangerous machines
  • Manual interfering in automatic processes
  • Maintenance of automated storage systems


…and for all applications with access to dangerous areas. Please contact us

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